Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Just wanted to share some photos of the evening. I don't even care that much for the holiday, but I love, love, love making my kids feel special, in a costume I've made, just for them.

It all started with Kenz (I think) and her fascination with the show, Avatar the Last Airbender. It's a great kids show and Aaron and I even enjoy watching it with them, so that's a bonus!! Kenz, was set on being Katara,which in our opinion was perfect.

Can you tell she embraced her role ! Ha, I love her. I made their entire costumes from things we already had, and if I didn't already have it, I found it at the thrift store. Her blue smock was an old robe that I altered, I bought the blue velvet and white satin remnant at The Goodwill. Oh, the wig was a must, and I did not have one just lying around. So that was new. We went with this Katara image for the costume.

Coeli chose Toph. Which is also totally perfect for her. Toph doesn't take scuff off anyone.....haaaaaave you met Coeli.

Heeehe. As I was making hers I would think to myself how cute and proud she would be while wearing it. Man was I right! This is Toph...

The Girls together.....

I love how they embraced their characters. Coeli's face is priceless in this photo, and Kenzie, well....Kenzie is in mid-blink.

I thought Cohens would be the easiest of the 3. Wow, was I wrong. It required a lot of hand sewing. I almost said, forget it! But I'm glad I didn't cause daaaaaaaaaang was he cute, cute, cute!

He was also an Avatar character. Appa. The flying bison. I re-purposed a monkey costume I picked up at Salvation Army for $5.
After all this crazy sewing, I did not have the energy for carving pumpkins, so we made silly felt pumpkins. Which proved to be just as fun, and half as messy. And that's always good.


  1. they look so good! and each of the personalities really shines in the costumes. love it! good job, sis!

  2. Katrina, you did such an amazing job!! they all look so cute! I love how the girls are so loving there costumes and having fun wearing them, that is the whole purpose:) you are such a great momma!