Thursday, September 16, 2010

Come pick me up.....

At least that's what I thought I heard at 1 a.m. when I drove past this beauty.

 I stood on the curb for at least 15 minutes debating whether or not to bring it home with me, and inspecting it. Aside from the very dated upholstery, it's in excellent condition. Even the felt underneath is completely in tact.
 Into the car it went! Thankfully, I had my girlfriend with me to help load it. I just couldn't leave it there, waiting to be taken to the dump the next morning! Unloading it into my garage was entirely another matter. Seeing that The Husband was already asleep. And I knew he would not be overly joyed to see yet another piece of furniture come to live in our garage. But to my great surprise I only had to bribe him a little :)

Looking at it now, I am thrilled that I acted spontaneously, and rescued this lovely couch. But, before I can blink, I feel slightly terrified of the project ahead. That is A LOT of pin tucking folks! I have never taken on a project of this magnitude. Thankfully I have a father in law who has, and gets a kick out of my ambitions. I do have great ambitions for her. They are looking something like this.....

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I'm thinking a bold graphic print would be awesome. But I'm having a hard time making a decision. Can you tell? And possibly painting all the wood trim..... But we shall see. Any votes or suggestions?
If any one has photos of a curb side rescue/ before and after, that they would like to share I would love to see!  I'm off to bed. G'nite all!  Katrina


  1. Katrina, you are amazing! I so admire your ambitions to take something some one threw away and make it beautiful again! I love the idea of doing a bold graphic print, for this couch I almost see a print that is fun but a little elegant like the brown and tan all the way to the right, and I think the wood color would look great. Can't wait to see when you finish it!

  2. Thanks so much Tammi! I am really looking forward to it too!

  3. i can't wait to see when this is done!


    have fun. can't wait to see the results.

  5. every time i see the name of the post i sing ryan adams. :)

  6. Thanks for the links Beth. Those are great examples of what I wold like to do with it!

    That's what I was going for Tash :)